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our WEB Templates
Our services are based on an online monthly subscription service and as a paying customer, you get the privileges to use and implement our system. So no, you don’t have to purchase any software when you work with us!
referral program
Yes and this is the best part of the deal! As our valued customer, you get tons of benefits when you refer our services to a friend. Every time you refer a friend, you'll receive a month FREE. And t doesn’t stop at that - your friend gets a FREE month signup bonus as well! It is great for both of you.
our WEB Templates
Yes! Our creative team has setup and designed over 30 different and great looking web templates that can be managed from your administrator area. We also add more professional templates to the system on a monthly basis so you could always revamp your website in a brand new and catchy avatar!

The following FAQ covers frequently asked sales questions about iPro's System and service. Should you have any additional questions that are not covered here, please contact customer service

  • Are your servers based in Canada?
  • Can I pay by cheque?
  • Can I Test And Preview My Site Before It Goes Live On Your Server?
  • Do You Support Anonymous FTP?
  • Do You Support Shared SSL?
  • Does Your Servers Run UNIX or Windows?
  • How Many Domain Names Can I Host Under One Plan?
  • What Kind Of Servers Are You Using?
  • Will You Help Me Transfer My Web Site?

Are your servers based in Canada?
Yes, they are hosted in Toronto and offer the fastest service, optimum security and redundant backups in North America.

Can I pay by cheque?
Yes. For non automated transactions PayPal quarterly billing will be in effect.

Can I Test And Preview My Site Before It Goes Live On Your Server?
Yes. We actually encourage you to test your site before you go live. And remember, we're always just a phone call away if you need help!

Do You Support Anonymous FTP?
No. For security reasons we do not allow anonymous FTP

Do You Support Shared SSL?
Yes. Important transactions such as your payment and login details are always processed via a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) for your protection

Does Your Servers Run UNIX or Windows?
We currently only operate on Windows servers but= plans are in place to support both platforms.

How Many Domain Names Can I Host Under One Plan?
Please refer to our plan specification page for the most up to date information. Currently Silver allows two domains and Gold is unlimited.

What Kind Of Servers Are You Using?
Currently, our latest deployed servers are Dell servers with Quad-Core Intel© Xeon© processors 5160 with RAID 5 on all drives with twice daily backups and redundant power source

Will You Help Me Transfer My Web Site?
Yes, we offer a transfer assistance program for static HTML web sites to help you relocate your web site from another provider. We know that transferring a web site to a new hosting provider is not always straight forward and during the transfer you will want to make sure the transfer is seamless so your web site is not offline and your email services remain unaffected. Please contact your dedicated Account manager to arrange a time for the transfer.

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